Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Creative Closet: Yes, you're about to see a fashion post.

Shirt: Old Navy  |  Shorts: J. Crew, thrifted  |  Sandals: Rainbows
  Tan line & Chipped nail polish: One of a kind
This post took a lot of guts. I'll say it again, this post took a lot of guts. From getting up the courage to ask my husband to take pictures of me for my blog (and being prepared for his potential laughter) to listening to my self-talk that I'm not a "fashion blogger," this was difficult. I've been trying to do it for weeks, but excuse after excuse has piled up until I finally did it.

To fill you in, though, I really have to start with the ridiculousness that took place the day I finally got up the courage to make this happen. The day I decided to ask Jacob was also the day before he left for an out-of-town trip. We had a lot to get done that afternoon, but he obliged. He's so nice to me.

On our way to take pictures, we ran over something in the road that punctured the rear passenger tire enough to immediately give us a flat. So we pulled over and Jacob changed the tire. (He's such a man!) Now pressed for time, we skipped the (planned) picture time and grabbed dinner before meeting friends for the evening. However, due to some much needed good conversation & a roller coaster of hormones, I cried all through dinner about my insecurities and the lies I had been believing. Yikes.

Once we finished dinner with laughter and smiles, Jacob asked if I still wanted to do pictures. We had ten minutes, so we jumped down to these tracks nearby the restaurant to snap the photos. Knowing the back story, keep in mind these were taken 2 hours after I had planned, following an impromptu tire change in the middle of summer and a tear-filled dinner.

But besides those physical obstacles, there were a lot of emotional and mental ones. First of all, I'm not a fashionista, to say the least. I'm just a normal girl who loves to write and laugh over an iced coffee, sing for as many minutes as possible in a day, run with friends and, yes, sometimes I even like to look cute.

But for me, looking cute isn't about wearing fancy, expensive clothes. My wardrobe is pretty simple and I'm okay with that. But most "fashion bloggers" don't dress simply with the every-day girl type of clothes, so I worried that it would be stupid for me to show you what I wear on a day to day basis...

But, you're probably a normal girl, too. A girl who sees cute fancy clothes all over the internet that make you turn to your own closet with a sigh of frustration. Sometimes you probably think you have to buy an entirely new wardrobe to be trendy or feel cute.

Clothes (really things in general...) can have a lot of power over you, which is why I decided to post today. I don't have cute statement necklaces. I never wear rings other than my wedding and engagement rings. And I rotate between about three pairs of earrings when I decide to wear any at all. That's about the extent of my accessories.

I'm posting today because you don't need those things to feel cute and confident in yourself. I'm wearing thrifted J. Crew shorts, an Old Navy shirt that's held up pretty well for it's age and my every day summer shoes: Rainbows a dear friend gifted to me. You can feel good in your skin, even without the latest trend.

I'm joining Maegen & Jana with The Creative Closet today, sharing my go-to piece... although this outfit seems to be full of go-to pieces ;).

Be nice today!


Monday, July 28, 2014

The Easiest DIY You've Ever Seen

You guys, I'm a big fan of DIY.... but I'm an especially big fan when it's the easiest DIY imaginable. That's what I'm talking about.

Here's the number one reason it's the easiest DIY you'll ever find: the only skill requirement is the knowledge of how to use a hot glue gun. I can see you smiling, so keep reading.

- Wreath
- Flowers of choice
- Hot glue gun
- Scissors

I tend to swing toward simple decor, so I love the look of whimsical, homey wreaths. I love this wooded look with the flowers dispersed throughout. PLUS, simple usually means EASY when it comes to DIY - added bonus!

Whenever I'm ready to make a new wreath, I always check the sale aisles at Michael's. These suckers were 40% off and I only used two bundles. This wreath cost less than $12.

Step 1: Cut all branches off of the original long stems. 

Step 2: Lay out the branches on the wreath - place as you see fit.

Step 3: Get to gluing!

Step 4: Hang and enjoy!

Looking or more wreath tutorials? Check out my DIY spring wreath.

Happy crafting!